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Uslacrossepacific is the site specialized in Lacrosse only tat you have been looking for. We provide our readers with only first hand, fresh information in order to keep them updated as far as the latest Lacrosse events is concerned. Get the latest news about the most important championships at all levels, professional Lacrosse, High school Lacrosse, College Lacrosse and female Lacrosse as well. If you want to know how the best teams are doing, you will have access to the latest scores, statistics, top scorers, draft picks and a whole lot more. We have also included a section about coaches, their thoughts on the game, strategies, expectations, future plans, and much more.

Further more, at our site, parents, kids and local coaches will have the best information related to Lacrosse camps all around the country. There is a special section in our site that people can check for a full yearly schedule of the best training camps. Your kid is never too young to start learning about his or her favorite sport. The kind of coaches that take part of these camps, guarantee that they will learn a lot and they will be willing to go back home to start applying everything they learned. In terms of camps, there are all kinds of camps and for all the ages. If you are a coach and you are willing to keep updating your knowledge in terms of strategies and theory.

Lacrosse has its origins in the native American population back in the 5th century. Back then, up to 1,000 men participated in a single match with a filed as big as a couple of miles. Amazingly, these matches could last for three full days and were part of religious traditions that were intended to thank their Creator.

The big spiritual involvement that this game demanded, made participants take the game very seriously as they approached it as if they were playing it not for themselves, but for their Creator himself. Back in 1637, a French missionary called Jean de Brebeuf became the first European who wrote a bout this game as he saw tribesmen play it. In his first documents he called used the word la crosse (or the stick) to refer to the game. Then, in 1856 a Canadian dentist called William George Beers funded the Montreal Lacrosse Club, a year later they began making modifications to the game and the number of players was reduced to 12.

Many years later, in 1987, the first professional lacrosse league was born under the name of the Eagle Pro Box Lacrosse League. This name was later changed to the National Lacrosse League that was made of clubs in 12 cities within the U.S and Canada. The league kept evolving, and by 2008 record attendance numbers were reached at 20,116 fans.

Our site has the main goal of bringing Lacrosse closer to everybody interested in order to make the sport that we love grow and reach every corner of the country. If you are interesting in the best events, check our site and get the dates, places and times.


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