The Best Softball Bats and Consideration When Buying

The softball bat that is available in the market right now is different from the softball bat that was available a decade ago. Aside from the designs that can make softball bats more interesting, technology has drastically made a difference with how the bat can be used. If the bats that were available before were only made out of aluminum, the softball bats now are made out of various products that can be considered safer.

When purchasing a softball bat, there are some things that you have to consider:

  • The age of the person who is going to use the bat.
  • The type of bat that needs to be purchased.
  • The size and weight of the bat.

If you would check the market for various types of softball bats that are available, you would see so many kinds and brands. Admittedly, making a choice can be complicated especially if you do not have any idea about what you should search for.

Perhaps you would like to make things easier by seeing different softball bats and getting to know what they can offer without having to spend hours scouting for various bats online. Read the rest of the article below and you just might gain the information about softball bats that you are searching for

Top 10 Best Softball Bats

You may need softball bats that will allow you to do your fast pitch with ease. Here are our top 10 softball bats reviews. They are available in the market at present time:


You can count on the brand Xeno in order to provide softball bats that have been well researched beforehand. The brand makes sure that the best technology can be found in the bats that they produce and the Louisville Slugger 2014 may be one of the best that they have produced. This bat makes use of strong graphite fibers. This allows more layers placed in the composite of the barrel which can ultimately make the bat stronger without being too thick.


  • Easy to Swing – This comes with a balanced swing weight which makes it very easy to swing when in use.
  • Thin and Light – If you would like to have a softball bat that does not weigh much, you can count on this product to give you what you are searching for.
  • Great for Professionals – Professional hitters will have no trouble with using this bat as this may even improve their game play.


  • Expensive – If you would compare it with other softball bats, this cannot be considered cheap. You would have to spend money in order to get a bat of this quality.
  • May Break – If you have been using it for a long period of time, it is only natural that it will break but this can be a bad thing if you would like to have a bat that will truly last.
  • People May Purchase Wrong Sized Bat – Since this comes in various sizes, people may pick a bat that is wrong for them. Careful researching about the bat sizes ahead of time will allow you to pick the right size.


You already know that this is one of the bats that people would like to have not only because of how it looks but because of how it can change their form and their overall play. This is known to be a bat that is well balanced. It also has a big sweet spot so hitting the ball will be very easy. This can be one of the best bats that you can purchase based on its performance and how easy it is to use.


  • Forgiving on Mishits – Even if you hit the ball the wrong way, you may still be able to hit it enough to let the game continue.
  • Good Feel – You know that holding the bat on your hand will be easy to do and it has a decent pop that will allow you appreciate it especially when you use it more.
  • Fantastic Graphics – If you are very particular about the way that a softball bat looks like, you know that this will not disappoint as it looks amazing.


  • Not A Lot of Colors to Choose From – There are only limited colors that are available so you may be stuck with colors you do not particularly like.
  • New Tape for Grip – There is a grip tape placed on the bat that may annoy you when you are holding the bat in your hands.
  • Expensive – This can be more expensive than the budget that you have set for purchasing the bat beforehand.


If you are still young, this may be one of the best bats that you can have right now. This is lightweight and can provide all of the features that you are searching for in a quality bat. It makes use of a new type of carbon fiber material called Demarini Paradox Composite. This makes a lot of people more confident in doing swings and hitting the ball with ease.


  • Approved for Play in Various Leagues – No matter what league you are going to play, you can use this softball bat with ease.
  • Great Balanced Swing – You know that you will have no trouble with using this as you can swing this bat with no problem at all.
  • Hot Bat – This bat has a great pop the moment that you use it out of the box. This is also lightweight so even children will have no trouble holding this bat.


  • Expensive – If you would compare it with other softball bats, this may be a bit more expensive than usual but you will realize that it is worth it especially because of the quality that you can get.
  • Durability Issues – Some people have stated that probably because of their swings that they have made, they managed to break the softball bat in just a few weeks or months.
  • Grip Issues – There are some people who are very particular about the grip and may not like it as much as the other bats.

DeMarini Female 2015 Vendetta

If you would like to have a bat that is amazing and will allow you to pitch higher and stronger than usual, you may want to use this softball bat. This comes in different sizes but depending on your height and weight, this may be the exact size that you are searching for. The C6 composite of this bat makes it ideal for your pitching needs. This is a DEMARINI bat so you know that the quality of this bat is better than most.


  • Affordable – If you are searching for the right bat that can be highly useful without having to spend a lot of money, you know that this is the bat that you are aiming for.
  • Strong – If you want a bad that can add to your overall strength, this is the bat that you are searching for. You will see an obvious change with how strong you are when hitting the ball. You can probably get home runs with the use of this bat.
  • Great Balance – If you are searching for a bat that is highly balanced in terms of its appearance and performance, this may be the one that you are aiming for.


  • Has Not Passed Compression Test – There are some leagues that you will join that will require you to use certain bats. Since this has not passed the compression test, you will not be able to use this in professional leagues.
  • Does Not Have a Lot of Pop – If you are searching for a bat that has a lot of pop, this may not be the right one for you as it does not have as much pops as compared to other bats.
  • Not the Newest Model – If you have the tendency to gravitate towards the latest and the newest bat models then this is not the one for you.


The two piece composite speed design of this bat makes it highly ideal for your different needs. This has an extra long barrel that you cannot find in other bats. This bat has a huge sweet spot mainly because of its New Thermo Composite Technology. You will be surprised in a good way with the speed of this bat when you use it. What else does this can offer?


  • Great Looking Bat – If you are after the graphics of a bat you will not get disappointed with how this bat looks like.
  • Has A Lot of Pops – Searching for the right bat that will give you all the pops that you are searching for? Using this bat will not be a disappointment.
  • No Break in Time Needed – Unlike other bats that you would need to use for a certain period of time before you see its full effect, this bat does not need any break ins. You know that it works well and can give you what you expect it to give the moment that you bring it out of the box.


  • Grip – Some people have complained that they are not too comfortable with the grip that this bat can provide. The use of gloves can help in making the grip far more improved than usual.
  • Expensive – As compared to the other bats that you will find in the market, this may be one of the more expensive ones but the benefits that you can get from using this bat makes the price worth it.
  • Gets Dirty Easily – If you are very busy and you do not have time to clean your bats, you know that this is one bat that can get dirty due to its light color. Using it often will also make it look dirtier.
  • You can always clean it with soap and water so that you will be able to maintain its great appearance.

Let us say that you need slow pitch softball bats instead of fast pitch ones. You will not be disappointed because there are still a lot of bats that you can choose from. While slow pitch softball bats are more appropriate for casual softball games, there are some professional softball games that are required to make use of slow pitch softball. There are some of the best slow pitch softball bats available in the market right now are you curious to get to know each one?


Would you like to have a great looking bat that does not only look amazing when used but will also give the type of performance that you would expect to get from a slow pitch softball bat? This bat has been made with high quality materials so you can be sure that the performance that you will get is unlike any other that you have tried before. You can be assured of this bat that is made in the USA.


  • Great Design – If you are particular about the graphics of the bat then this is not one of the designs that you will get disappointed in. You will like the cool design of this bat for sure.This comes in various colors too that will allow you to choose the color combination you are most interested in.
  • Overall Feel is Great – As long as you would pick the right size and weight for you, this bat can have an amazing feel that you would not want to use any other bat anymore.
  • Great Pop – Want to have a slow-pitch softball bat that has a great pop right out of the box? You know that this will not disappoint you at all.


  • Not ASA Approved – If you would like to have a bat that is approved by ASA, this is not the bat that you are searching for as this bat will never get approved.
  • Sweet Spot Not So Big – You really have to be good in order to let the ball hit the sweet spot each time that you pitch.
  • May Need Break-in – This will depend on you if you feel that it still needs to be broken in or not. Some people feel that it is already good right out of the box while others would still like to break it in before they can see how great the bat’s performance is.

DeMarini Juggy OG

Are you searching for a 100% Composite 2-piece bat, you know that this is the one that you are searching for. This is known to be an intimidating bat but not because it would be able to perform. In fact, it can be so good that other players would be afraid of players who are using this bat. This is known for its unmatched durability and it can stay soft for a long time as well. This can be the bat for you if you want to make sure that your hands will be comfortable and will not hurt as much as others.


  • Fantastic Feel – If there is one pro that a lot of people cannot help but say when it comes to using this bat, this is how great it feels when being held in your hands. You know that comfort will be easily achieved with the use of this bat.
  • Great Distance – The use of this bat will allow you to reach distances that you were never able to do in the past.
  • ASA Approved – You know that this is one bat that you can use for your ASA approved games. This can be useful for your using hard balls as well.


  • Grip Tape – You may be initially unhappy with the grip tape that comes with it but you can easily upgrade it and change it depending on what you are comfortable with.
  • A Bit Too Light – When purchasing this bat, you are recommended to purchase a bat that is heavier than what you usually use because this may end up being too light for you.
  • Too Much Vibration – If in case you swing it the wrong way or if you miss the sweet spot while using this bat, the vibration might be too much for you but you may get used to it especially if you have learned how to hit the sweet spot each time.

Easton Salvo Composite Balanced

This is a bat that is made out of high quality materials. This may be unlike any other bats that you have used before. This is made out of 100% composite material which makes it highly ideal if you would like your bat to be strong and soft at the same time. You do not have to be concerned about where this is made because this is made in the USA. This also comes with a one year warranty from the date of purchase. You know that this is one bat that you do not have to replace for a long period of time.


  • Tons of Pop – If you are searching for a bat that comes with a lot of pop, you know that you will not get disappointed with this one. You will see great improvement with your performance if you would hit the sweet spot often too.
  • Great Quality – You know for sure that the quality of this bat is one of the best ones that you will find in the market right now.
  • Loaded with Power – If you have never used a great bat that can give you enough power in the past then you should try this bat. The power that it can give you will not be disappointing at all.


  • Slight Learning Curve – You may need to do more practices in order to use this bat with ease.
    Not for ASA Leagues – While you can use this in ISSA leagues, this is not approved in ASA leagues so you cannot use it there.
  • Handle Could be Better – If you would like to improve the bat’s handle, then you may do some slight changes to it so that you can use it more with ease.

Louisville Slugger 2014 Z-3000 End Load

One thing that you would notice about this softball bat is the fact that it has been made with new transition technology which means that the handle and the barrel of this slow-pitch softball bat can be perfect for all of your needs. This feels very sturdy and you know that its strength will be very hard to see in other similar bats. You will not be disappointed with the sweet spot of the bat because this is fairly huge. This gives a great pop and is not too heavy to use.


  • No Need to Break-in – Unlike other bats that you can use that you still need to break in before you get to use it with ease, this one does not need it. You know that it will perform well the moment that you remove it from the box.
  • Looks Amazing – You know that this is one bat that can surely stand out when compared to other bats that are available.
  • A lot of Flex – If you are searching for a bat that comes with a lot of flex, you know that this bat will not be a disappointment.


  • Durability Issues – Some people have said that after using this bat for quite some time, the bat will start to fall apart in different places.
  • Barrel May Fall Apart – One of the places that breaks apart easily with this bat is the barrerl but this can be easily replaced if it still falls under the warranty.
  • Long Break-In – While there are some people who feel that a break in is not necessary, there are some who would still like to break it in first before they use it. As compared to other bats, this may need to be broken in for a longer period of time.


If you play in a league that is not as competitive as the others but you still want to have a bat with amazing quality, you know that this can be amazing for you. This one piece bat has a lot of feature that you will always appreciate. It makes use of Carbon-X Shell Technology that can make sure that this is one bat that will be durable enough even when used often. The distance that this bat will be able to provide is all worth its price. This bat is not only made in the USA, this is also approved to be used in different parts of the country.


  • Expect Great Distance – You know for sure that this bat can let the ball travel great distances especially when you hit the sweet spot easily.
  • Hot Out of the Wrapper – The moment that you bring it out of the box, it can already be used and the performance will immediately be amazing.
  • Lightweight – If you feel that heavy bats will make it harder for you to bat, then this lightweight bat may be the one that you are searching for.


  • Too Powerful – While the power of this bat is good, there are times when it can be too powerful. When this happens, other players may get injured.
  • Not ASA Approved – If you plan on using this for ASA leagues, then you should think of another strategy as this has not been approved by ASA.
  • Durability Issues – Some people are saying that this bat is not as durable as they have expected it to be and it may have some cracks after being used for a certain period of time.

Why Are These Softball Bats Amazing?

At this point, you may be wondering why are the bats considered awesome as compared to other bats that may have the same features and may have the same price points. These bats have been tried and tested by a lot of softball players.

So far, these are the bats that have managed to capture the interest of people because they have seen an obvious change with their performance while they are playing softball. Admittedly, there are a lot of bats that are available but not all bats will help people fare better in the game. In fact, some people may even find themselves being hindered to play well because of their bat of choice. Any of the bats that are mentioned above are meant to improve your game play to the highest level possible.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Softball Bat

You know by now that softball is a variation of baseball. Although they are highly similar to each other, the way that the bats are swung can be different. The main differences lie on the size of the field and the ball. Yet, you still need to make sure that you have the right bat that can let you play with ease. In order to let you choose the right bat, here are some things to remember:

1. Make sure that you know the type of softball bat that you would like to buy. In order to let you have a better idea about the different softball bats, here are some of the things that you ought to remember:

  • Fast pitch softball bats – These are bats that are used when the ball has similar speeds to the balls that are used in baseball. These bats are usually light and easy to swing.
  • Slow pitch softball bats – Based on the name, you can tell that this is the type of bat that is used in more casual games. The balls that are used also have the tendency to be heavier than the balls that are used in other softball games.
  • Indoor softball bats – There are some special softball bats that are made solely to be used indoors.
  • Children’s softball bats – If children are going to use the bats, there is a specific type of bat that is meant for people’s needs.
  • Sixteen Inch Softball bats – An old variation of softball still requires the use of bats that are sixteen inches in height.
  • Once you are aware of the type of bat that you would need, you can still focus on other things that will help you determine if the bat is worth it or not.

2. There are some leagues that you are going to join that will require a specific type of bat that can be used throughout the whole game. You need to ask for these specifications in order to help you in searching for the right bat.

3. The size of the bat will matter a lot. Do you think you would be comfortable using a bat that makes you a bit taller when you are letting the edge of the bat touch the ground? This should not be the case. When you are holding the bat on your side, this edge should just reach the ground. That is one way of knowing whether the bat that you have is the right sized one for you.

4. The weight of the bat is also important. This is similar to the size of the bat. Will you be comfortable using a bat that you find too heavy or too light? When purchasing from actual stores, you may hold the bat first to help you determine whether the bat is right for you or not.

5. You would need to find a bat that is made of good quality materials. Who would like to have a bat that would suddenly break down when used? Nobody would like to experience this so you need to find a bat that comes with high quality materials that you can use with ease.


1) Is it true that only approved bats will be used for different league games?

Yes, there are some bats that can only be used for certain league games while other bats are approved for all. Be wary of bats that cannot be used for all types of league games.

2) Will the price of softball bats matter?

The main reason why the prices of bats may be high is because of the materials used to make the bat. The more durable and powerful the materials are, the better it would be for a lot of users. The price, as long as the bat is durable and easy to use will be all worth it.

3) How should a softball bat be broken in?

A break-in is possible if the bat would be used for practices and for hitting the ball for a certain period of time. Some softball bats do not require a long break – in period.

4) Is there a difference with a one piece bat and a two piece bat?

From the name itself, the one piece bat makes use of one type of material for the whole bat which means that the bat is stronger and stiffer. The two piece bat on the other hand is composed of a handle and a barrel which may be made out of two different materials.

5) Will different softball bats have different “feel” when used?

You can expect that the softball bats that you will encounter will all have a different “feel.” This is the reason why you should truly scout for the right softball bat before you choose the one that you think will be best for you.


You already know that softball is a great sport and you may have the right skills in order to do well while playing it but the right equipment and more specifically the right bat can make a lot of difference with your game play.

Hopefully, one of the softball bats that are mentioned above is the one that you are searching for. Have fun and use the bat of your choice to reach your goals in playing softball