A Full Guide About All Types of Best Baseball Bats

Baseball bats come in different sizes and design to suit the needs of many baseball players. There are so many things that a parent should consider before purchasing the best baseball bats for their kid.

These bats come in different sizes, shapes and differ in price as well as quality.

There are different rules that regard to the type of bat your child should have depending on the league being played.

We have covered a guide for all of type baseball bats in this article included: BBCOR Bats, Youth bats, Big barrel bats… We guaranteed full information and whatever you looking for all then available in this.

Best Baseball Bats Buying Guide

We will go specifically to each type in this section

How to Selected Best BBCOR Baseball Bats for 2020

Before you make a decision of buying the best BBCOR Bats 2020, it is very important to consider the material that is used to make the bat. Baseball bats come in different shapes, sizes, weights and materials. The material used to make the bat will determine how easy or difficult the bat will be for the player. The right material will depend on the individual selection as well as the rules that are governing the league.

The baseball bat should also have BBCOR approval. This stands for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution, which is important in determining the trampoline effect of the bat. This is a good standard for high school and college bats hence eliminating powerful bats.

Bats from different manufacturers come with different prices. Set your budget and go for a bat that suits you. There are so many bats that come at affordable prices, and they still offer the best services to the players and help them improve their performance in the field.

Another important thing that you should never forget when you are buying a baseball bat is the brand. There are so many companies that have come up with low quality bats that do not meet the needs of the players. Always buy a bat from a recognized and reputable seller, and you will be sure that you are purchasing a product that will serve you for long and help the player improve their performance.

You should also pay attention to the construction of the bat. The way the bat is built greatly matters. The bat should have a construction that offers durability and longevity. You do not want to spend your money in purchasing a bat that will break easily after using for some time.

Selecting the BBCOR baseball bats was not a simple task. We spent several hours of research and came up with a list of many baseball bats. We interviewed professional baseball players, bat sellers and read a lot of information online on what makes the best BBCOR bats. Bats that did not feature the BBCOR approval were eliminated.

For the remaining bats, we looked at some of the benefits that the bat will provide to the user, for instance, improved swing speed, added power, comfort, durability and distribution of weight. we were able to come up with top BBCOR Baseball Bats that any player will find effective when playing.

How to Selected Best 2020 Youth Baseball Bats

The selected bat should be comfortable for your young child every time it is being used. It is recommended for the parent to have more information concerning best usssa bats to avoid spending money buying the wrong product.

If you really want your child to become a baseball champion, invest in the right baseball bat for the best results. The following guide provides you with ten best 2020 youth baseball bats that are top rated and proven to be effective for playing youth baseball. Purchasing any of the bats will guarantee your child with success and comfort when playing baseball.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Youth Baseball Bats


The barrel refers to the hitting area. Baseball bats either feature a large or smaller barrel. Large barrels are ideal for children who have more muscle and the ability to swing a bat. Large sized barrels are heavier to swing but they are the easiest to make the desired contact as compared to bats with a small barrel.

In cases where your child has the ability to make a good contact but does not have the ability to hit the ball far, a small sized barrel bat will be a great selection. Some of the benefits of having a small sized barrel include increased hitting power and swing speed.

Legal for Play

Youth baseball bats need to be recognized by different associations. They should be legal for play, this calls for an official stamp from the supplier.

Before purchasing any youth baseball bat, ensure that the length, knob, material and barrel size are approved in order to make it legal for play. It can be very frustrating when you spend your money in buying the wrong youth baseball bat for your child.

You can work closely with the coach in getting the right youth baseball bat that is legal. In most cases, you will find that there exist different rules for players in different age groups. This means that a baseball bat that is legal for one group may not be legal for another group. Best youth baseball bats are marked 1.15 BPF which is an indication of how fast the ball travels off the bat. Selecting the required bat assures you of improved performance and boosts the chances of success for the player.


There are different materials that are used to make youth baseball bats. The most common bats that you can choose from include wood, metal and composite bats.

Youth baseball bats that are made from wood are highly recommended because they are lighter and very easy to swing. They are the best for training because they hardly break and provide the player with more power.

Metal bats are relatively heavy as compared to wooden bats. The type of power produced by these types of bats makes them not ideal for youths. Before you make a decision of purchasing a baseball bat for your young child, consider the material used to make the bat. This gives you the opportunity to select the right product that meets the needs of the player.


This is another great thing that you have to consider before you buy a youth baseball bat. There are different things that determine length of baseball bat to select for your youth.

Such factors include the weight, height and the age of the child. It is important to take accurate measurements before you shop a baseball bat.

In regard to your child’s measurements, you can choose a long or shorter youth baseball bat depending on the skills and experience of the child. As compared to shorter bats, longer bats generates a lot of acceleration at the end, need more control and more strength to swing. If your child has high skills level and is in a position to use longer bats, you can select the right bat for great playing experiences.


The weight of the bat may affect the performance of your child positively or negatively. A heavier bat is perfect for a child who needs power and can easily swing the bat. On the other hand, lighter bats are perfect for children with less muscle.

Depending on the ability of your child, choose the right baseball bat that your child is capable of using without experiencing any difficulties.

How do Selected Best Big Barrel Bats for 2020

Big barrel bats are normally used by players who play youth leagues, and they have a barrel diameter which is bigger than 2 1/4 inches. The bats feature a barrel diameter of either 2 5/8 inches or 2 3/4 inches and a length to weight ratio of -5 to -12.

Selecting the right bat with a big barrel gives you the opportunity to develop your hitting techniques and swing speed. It is very important that you get the right bat that will fit your height and body effectively and is comfortable when you are using it.

If you are buying a big barrel baseball bat for the first time, you might end up getting confused, which is the right one to choose. This is why we have provided you with a guideline that will help you get the best bat that will help you discover your potential in the field.

Things To Consider Before Buying Big Barrel Baseball Bats

Before you buy any baseball bat, it is important to ensure that the bat is approved by a relevant organization. This guarantees you that you are getting the right product that is safe for use and meets the rules and regulations of different baseball leagues. In most cases, bats with a bigger barrel are approved by USSSA.

The most important thing that sets the bats from others that exist in the market is the size of the barrel. You need to be careful when you are buying a big barrel baseball bat. If you buy a bat with a barrel diameter below 2 1/4 inches, you are purchasing the wrong product. They normally come with a barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inches or 2 3/4 inches.

Another important thing that you should know is that big barrel baseball bats are available in different length to weight ratios. You need to select the right bat that is perfect for your size and strength. Remember the lower the number, the heavier the bat.

The length of the bat is also another issue of concern. The bats will range from a length of 27-32 inches. It is important to consult with your coach if you are not sure of the length of the bat that you need. Always go for a bat that you can control effectively. This will enable you to achieve a faster swing speed.

My Top Ten Selection of Best Baseball Bats Ever

Below are the best baseball bats on the market, based on online reviews, features, budget, efficiency, and performance analysis.

Easton YB14S500 S500

Easton is widely known for quality youth baseball bats. Your young player will notice a big difference when they use the Easton YB14S500 S500. This is a baseball bat that features USSSA 1.15 BPF stamp. The lightweight bat enables young players to achieve a perfect swing and increase the power they produce.

This baseball bat is a one piece bat which is constructed from a superior 7050 aircraft alloy that provides the player with a fast swing speed. The ultra-thin handle which measures 29/32 inch to get a perfect grasp and control your bat. It is approved for play in little league, Pony, Babe Ruth, AABC and USSSA.

With its 2 1/4 inch diameter barrel and a 13 drop length to weight ratio, you are assured of a better performance and increased chances of winning. The player is in a position to achieve a balanced swing weight without using extra efforts. This is a great product that comes with a 12 month warranty from the manufacturer.

Some of its features included

  • Fast swing speed
  • Ultra-thin
  • Good balance & the best length

Easton YB14S300 S300

This is another great product from Easton that is engineered to provide the best results to young baseball players. The ultra-thin 29/32 inch handle has a cushioned grip that provides the player with comfort and satisfaction when player. The Easton YB14S300 S300 bat is a one piece alloy construction that is made from strong 7046 aircraft alloy for a fast swing.

The baseball bat is USSSA 1.15 certified and comes with 12 months manufacturer’s warranty. This baseball bat features a barrel diameter of 2 1/4 inches which is large enough for young players. The balanced swing weight provides the player with an effortless swing because this is a lightweight bat.

This is a youth baseball bat that gives you an assurance of improved performances for your child as compared to other bats present in the market. It features a nice blue color that makes it attractive and appealing to the eyes of the user. Give your child the opportunity to take their game to higher levels by purchasing the amazing Easton YB14S300 S300 bat.

Some of its features included

  • Affordable price
  • Perfect swing speed
  • Perfect field performance
  • Comfortable handle and nice grip

Louisville Slugger YBAR152

The performance of your child is greatly determined by the type of baseball bat that you choose. Wrong choice of bat means decreased performance. Selecting a perfect youth baseball bat like the Louisville Slugger YBAR152 gives the player with a comfortable tool that is easy to use.

The attractive one-piece bat is made from a 7050 alloy for durability and greater performances. It features tapered handles that swing in a comfortable way and provides the player with a chance to be in control. The 2 1/4 inch barrel size makes the tool ideal for young players.

Louisville Slugger YBAR152 is a lightweight bat that provides power and contact to young baseball players. Your child will be able to notice an improvement in performance, and might end up being the next baseball champion. The product comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Some of its features included

  • Affordable price
  • Performance 7050 Alloy
  • 7/8″ tapered handle


If you have a youngster who loves playing baseball, select the right baseball bat that is approved for play. Easton 2015 YB15MK MAKO COMP is a recognized and top rated youth baseball bat that provides the players with comfort and balanced swing.

This is a durable product that is constructed from a strong material to provide the young players with many years of use. Easton produces great products that are aimed at improving the performance of baseball players.

The 2 1/4 barrel diameter makes the bat a great product for little league tournaments. You do not have to worry when purchasing this product because it is among the top rated youth baseball bats that will help your child discover the gaming potential in them.

Some of its features include

  • Affordable price
  • Perfect swing speed
  • Perfect field performance
  • Comfortable handle

Louisville Slugger Youth Wood Bat

If you are looking for an affordable youth bat that is great in performance, the Louisville Slugger will be a good selection. The bat is made from quality wood making it durable. It is a classic baseball bat for your youngster which is made from Northern white ash. The bat provides the player with flexibility and light weight feel during the game.
It has a barrel diameter of 2 1/4 inches making it legal for any league. This is a great product for beginners who are training or youths who are experienced in baseball. It is much easier for the player to practice with a wooden bat as compared to other types of bats.

This is an inexpensive and durable product that will offer you with several years of use before you consider a replacement. The Louisville Slugger wood baseball bat is approved for play in major youth leagues.

Some of its features include

  • Maple wood bat
  • Natural finishing


Playing baseball is never interesting if you do not have the right bat. There are so many bats that are available in the market making it difficult to select the best. With the Easton YB15MKT MAKO TORQ is a great selection for people who are looking forward to success baseball games.

The model incorporates all the features that a baseball player requires for increased chances of success. Your young child is able to be in control when playing baseball tournaments in school or other recommended places. The bat features a comfortable handle that makes it easy for the player to hit the target without using much effort.

Looking for a youth baseball bat is never a simple task especially if you do not know the ability of your child. The Easton MARO TORQ assures your young player with increased chances of greater performances and success in baseball.

Some of its features include

  • Ultra-thin
  • 2 1/4″ barrel diameter
  • Faster swing speeds

Easton TB15S3 S3 ALUM

Passionate baseball players need a perfect bat like the Easton TB15S3 S3 ALUM. The bat is constructed from a strong aluminum alloy making it very durable. This is an ideal tool that assures your child of better performances and confidence needed at the plate.

This is a stylish youth baseball bat with a slick black look that makes it attractive. The handle is cushioned to provide the player with a comfortable grip when playing. The handles are ultra-thin making it easy to hold and swing.

The bat is USSSA 1.15 approved and comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. The bat has a barrel size of 2 ¼ inches making it easy for the player to get a balanced swing. Try the good looking bat for better gaming experiences.

Some of its features include

  • 2 1/4″ barrel diameter
  • Ultra-thin handle
  • Faster swing speeds

DeMarini Voodoo Overlord

The DeMarini bat is an improvement from the previous model and the best bat of the year. The bat incorporates X12 alloy that is designed to provide strength even to the thinnest points. It features RCK knob that fits perfectly on the hand of the player.

The baseball tool ensures that the player get the desired comfort with reduced vibrations, thanks to the D-fusion handle technology. The presence of an ION-V end cup boosts the sweet spot for better performances.

The bat is approved for play in little leagues and features the 1.15 BPF stamp. It has a -13 length to weight ratio and a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter; this is a great bat for youngsters who are looking forward to maximize their performances.

Some of its features include

  • Alloy barrel designed
  • Perfect swing speed
  • Perfect field performance
  • Comfortable handle

Louisville Slugger YBVA153 Youth

Not every baseball bat that you will in the market is perfect for young players. Young baseball players require a comfortable and safe baseball bats that will enable play their game effectively. Walk to any shop and order the top rated youth baseball bats like the Louisville Slugger YBVA153 model.

This is a great purchase for upcoming baseball players. It features a one-piece frame that provides the players durability and solid performance. It offers you with a balanced swing, comfort and ease of use.

The vapor baseball bat is approved in little league games and comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. This is a product worth your investment for the overall success of your youngster.

Some of its features include

  • Performance 7050 Alloy
  • 2 1/4″ barrel
  • 7/8″ tapered handle

DeMarini CF7

This is another great performance baseball bat from Demarini that is designed to change the game of a player to the positive. It is well constructed to prevent the player from getting blisters that are associated with the knob as a result of long playing hours.

The CF7 model features a strong carbon fiber barrel that brings about an increased speed. The presence of a D-fusion handle provides the player with a nice grip and maximum energy transfer as well reducing vibrations.

The bat has an added low pro end cap that is designed to provide added balance. This is a well-balanced bat with -11 length to weight ratio. It is USSSA certified and comes with a 12 month warranty from the manufacturer.

Some of its features include

  • Composite handle
  • Perfect swing speed
  • Perfect field performance